You insure your home – your car – your family
So Insure Your Retirement!

Your 401k plan may be your family’s single largest investment asset. Your future financial security most likely relies on your ability to successfully navigate the financial markets and choose the right investment funds in order to achieve your goals.

Fact:  The stock market historically has averaged a 20% or greater decline once every 3.5 years.  

Since 2000 the markets have lost HALF of their value TWICEHow has this impacted your 401K and your future retirement plans?

In our opinion, protecting your principal during poor markets is paramount to your success. Avoiding your monthly statements hoping things change is not a solution to the problem. Managing your own 401k involves many challenging decisions and can be overwhelming to many people.

We provide a personalized 401k plan advisory service.

First we provide a complimentary review of your 401k plan to determine how best to manage your funds in order to help reach your goals.  All that we need is a copy of your retirement plan menu and your current holdings.

Then we will provide you with a specific plan for managing your 401k based on your menu choices and your goals to retirement. Key to this plan is the ongoing advice as to WHICH funds to own and WHEN to own them. There will be times to be on offense and times to be on defense and owning the right funds during these times will help give you the best chance for future success.