When it comes to investing it is impossible to remove risk entirely, but what if you could control 95% of your portfolio’s risk?

Carlson Wealth Management, in combination with cutting edge software innovator Riskalyze, provides investors with a way to mathematically manage the risk in their portfolios.

Named by Fast Company Magazine as “one of the top 10 most innovative companies in finance” watch this short video to see how utilizing this technology can benefit you.

We think you can have your cake and eat it too and have designed a strategy with the explicit goal of reducing the risk while NOT reducing the expected return.

We’ll show you how in just 3 easy and complimentary steps.

step_shoesStep 1 is to determine YOUR personal risk score.

How much can you lose before you throw in the towel?  By clicking on START below and following the prompts the Riskalyze software will calculate YOUR personal risk score.  This is mathematical and not subjective based on your experiences, your actual portfolio and real market returns.  In my 25 years as an adviser this is the best risk assessment tool I have ever seen!


Step 2 is to determine your PORTFOLIO’s Risk Score.

Most investors have more risk in their portfolio(s) then they realize and more than they likely need.  By inputting your portfolio into the Riskalyze program the software generates a Portfolio risk score which you can then directly compare to your Personal risk score from Step 1.

Do you know how much the bonds in your portfolio will go down in value if interest rates rise by 1%?  Or how much your portfolio could lose in the next bad stock market decline?  This will show you in real dollars and cents.  Most likely you have never seen anything done for you like this before!


Step 3 is a Portfolio Adjustment.

Here we offer you a complimentary redesign.  We will show you how to easily reconfigure your portfolio to match your personal risk score AND not reduce your expected return.  In fact, there is a good chance it may actually INCREASE your expected return!


Step 4 is optional.

If you like what you see and qualify for our portfolio requirements we will help you develop a complete financial road map to help you reach your goals and sleep well at night.

I would like to take advantage of Steps 1-3 at NO cost or obligation