Lower the Risk, Not the Return

Why Carlson Wealth Management?

My name is John Carlson and I am President of Carlson Wealth Management. I graduated honors with a business degree from a private New York university. I was trained to be an adviser by one of Wall Street’s top investment firms. Yet neither was any help to me in 2000 when I experienced one of the the worst bear markets in the history of the stock market. Here is my story and how my experience can help you.

The BearometerSM
Our market trend indicator

Many investors carry more risk than they realize.
Portfolios are always invested – always on offense – always exposed to market risk.
We believe there are also times to be on defense.
To identify these times we utilize the Bearometer, our market trend indicator that systematically alerts us to changes in market conditions.
On red alerts our objective is to protect your portfolio.
On green alerts our objective is to grow your portfolio.
This chart shows the last bear market of 2008.
The red zones alerted us when to be on defense while the green zones alerted us when to be on offense.

How did 2008 treat you?

Are you protected now?


I put money away each month into my 401k account, but I’m not sure which are the best funds to choose?

I’ve worked and saved all of my life and now that I’m retired I still need to keep up with inflation, but need more return than the banks pay.

I want a strategy that works; that doesn’t tie up my money and that I can understand.

I was doing fine until the markets dropped and then my portfolio lost all that value! What a setback. It took me forever just to get back to where I was.

I lost all of that money….and time! Now the markets are up again, but I’m afraid of what happened last time happening again. There must be a better way?

I want something that will help protect me from bad markets that I can use while I’m still working and after I retire.

When interest rates were higher I could earn enough in the bank to live comfortably.  Now with rates low I need to look for alternatives, but I’m conservative and don’t want to lose what I’ve saved.  I can’t go out and earn it again.

I want a strategy that will help me earn more than sitting in a bank account; that’s conservative and that I can understand.

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